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Related article: Date : Tue, July 14, 2009 April 12 47 -0400 From: JW u003cjw1137 hotmail. com u003e Subject : The story of Brooke 4 the history of Brooke - 4 With: Jackie At noon I called the Honda dealer and asked Myra, but she out. I was so so, the car that I could hardly enthusiastic. If the school has to do with me, call again attempted. I set to ' forget' and guess what - I forgot. Finally I decided to go just jump on a bus and s there. all the way thought, ' I do not have to do this anymore. " I entered the showroom and it was freezing cold to get to the unusually warm spring afternoon. I had to stop hard shake as a large gray-haired man in a suit approached me and asked if help. not the first time I had a conversation with my husband in the chest had. white top pitchers who had had a very conservative cut -n but not had achieved a bra this morning that I liked him. I that my t-shirt bra was in the wash. inng little time as usual, I threw throw caution to the wind and went without a bra. I had to hard - it is a lie - enjoy the admiring glances of boys and male teachers throughout the day. I s breasts were very large, much more to go in public, and I half expected , which will be sent home to dress properly, but I think my teachers were enjoy the view too much contact me in A major difference in the time that the first part of the opposition day, was that the cold air of the Honda dealership had my nipples are characterized by a total of half Mr car salesman inch and useful party had his eyes on her. I asked where I could find Myra, looking dejected and showed the number of small Preteen Nymphet offices, which occupies the back wall of the showroom. I thanked him him and he could cover his eyes in short tight skirt ass in the sense of that went to the cabin. The move little more than I was attracted to me is a nice warm feeling in the lower abdomen, but the rest was frozen for me. ` I wonder if he hass an erection? The thought made ​​my pussy contraction n , because I've never seen one - in the flesh. The sign engraved on the back door, said, 'Look. " I stuck my head around the corner do not know what I expected, but the beautiful brunette latina n from behind the counter a new impetus to my coochie. His smile was contagious. n " Hello", he said, rose from his chair and me. " I can help you ? " Myra head to toe scan is subtle, much more than their male counterparts co-worker. However, I realized, perhaps because it was expected, and made ​​my tingling of the skin. "I'm Brooke. " I introduced myself :" My father told me to get in touch with you in a car? " " Of course, Brooke... I've been waiting for your call ", the car salesman confirms the connection. " Have a seat... There are only a few ways You must log in to receive it. " " I'll just check and make sure you are ready, " their eyes were focused on my breasts when I sat down at his desk n. She suggested that the extension numberservice department at your phone. I looked around his small office account of the various certificates, they deserve on the walls, but from the corner of my eye I noticed that his eyes were riveted on my chest. His interest is obvious tingling my hard Preteen Nymphet drive nipples. It felt like they always were, even though I was very not really sure anymore. " Well, you should hurry to the waiting customers," I heard him say just before hanging up the phone. " I wish we had known before Honey... are always behind the back no. We You can do the paperwork, but I fear, wait a little," she apologized and went around the table, is in hand. Another wave of heat poured upon me, because it was a look that magnificent figure attractively displayed on a light blue blouse and charcoal pencil skirt. put it behind my chair the way the table in front of me. I caught the soft floral scent of her perfumeshoulder as he turned black hair behind her ear. He leaned over me, began to explain documents. She was so close that the air in a confined space n heated between us. I was very aware of your body heat in the back of my bare shoulder. When we arrived a little more to show me where I was drawing felt her silk and satin covered chest press on the back. The company, but soft feeling went straight to my crotch and I could not avoid a soft moan. surely have realized the importance of your bust, as it had risen, but it I did not expect actually come in physical contact. Could not be moved again as I did, which was allegedly signed, but n. When you turned the page and began to explain the form pushed her tit again, and seemed almost routine on me. " Mmmm -" low guttural sound escaped me, this time louder. " Oh, sorry," apologized Myra. "How careless of me," she said increased change. " I hope Inot embarrass you, "he said, looking over my the shoulder. was not just pointing to a further blow in front of her left melon shows through of her blouse. as my eyes made ​​his face the expression no apologies -. is curious my pussy started to just Rap " is well.... I liked it, "I replied with a stress relief laughter. Ojos Myra were on my tits with the familiar look of pleasure that I come seen. Tierna my nipples were so hard at that time, that hurt. " So you do not mind the attention of another woman? "Them. Examined " No... I think it's very flattering... especially if you have nice breasts as n yours, " I replied. n I saw the color come on the face of Myra, but Preteen Nymphet never had the eyes of boobies " that could not help but notice may not wearing a bra. " With this observation, I looked at my own chest and felt my pussy contract to see how my nipples were very obvious. " You're pinching fabulous, "he said. "I hbird, real reporters and play with me, to get them to. " s its commitment to its own breasts was exciting, but the visual s that made me groan again. " nipple should be drilled, "he suggested. " Ever \\ \\ n this? "Require No one could say that the idea had never crossed his mind, but I was in Age that tattoos and piercings, the consent of parents. I been asked my mother and I had to probably have agreed, but I just do not I want. " Uh, yeah... I've thought about that, "he confessed. " Would you be willing? Really down to see, " confessed Myra The little voice in my head went on, as always, in times like these, ` What 's in it for me? " ` she wants something... you will pay. " I'm afraid my best girl got her face and said :" But it's going to hurt. " " Just a second, "the seller of auto insurance. " I do not know... "I said in my voice little pathetic at the same time carefully GauIt was his reaction. I saw the accumulation of stress. ` She really wants this... I do not know why. " " I pay... and you can have it in.. a ring, a desire to establish -bar... anything -. " volunteered " Just think how wonderful it feels to have someone to play with them then " encouraged me and reached behind lightly hit me. project pin the momentum of my pussy beat me jump and shout she continued to play that with the right thumb and said with his mouth to my ear. " is anything I can do for you could convince? " my ​​cookie was about to explode, but apart from that it was paying for jewelry, I still do not get anything out of it. " I know, "he said, as if had had an epiphany. " I could use a bit of money return to the car... thousand dollars! " The intense feeling in my pussy was no sudden rush of the shadows in my head. " A thousand dollars ? "I asked incredulously. " Yes, "said Myra. " Anybod not really tell usand the next week, but start a new promotion. Who buys a car gets a time thousands of dollars in reimbursement. All you have to do is, to date the procedures next week. " " is against the rules, but can get away with it because of the dealership owners love my breasts. " Your last comment was with a big smile and squeezed her breasts through her ​​silk blouse. " Are you going to do it if I can give you a big one ? " I felt dizzy and perhaps a touch of evil, but nodded. " We... I know a place, and not the time ", the seller almost torn I chair, and I was dragging behind her all the way to his car. The vehicle's air conditioning has not had real-time long before we find instead of a penetrating look good. the fact that n without thinking twice, he seemed obsessed with the woman thing. a time over again that was all, but I'm attracted to the small study. the woman sitting behind the counter, saw in a magazine, since n entered. My Tho firstught was that his image was also in encyclopedia at the end Dyke 'Diesel. "She was up, and would have been easier to in the things which be not as those who have gone through the list made ​​the eyebrows, nose, lips, tongue, do not know how many of the ear, she s weigh at least five pounds more, because all the metal in the flesh had very short hair.. - I think there's a buzz cut , because she has done with a hair cutter power. You obviously small breasts were covered with a shirt and a vest. was also with jeans. "Brooke wants to be pierced nipples," Myra said to me. The woman who I guessed was in her late thirties or early forties vi us with suspicion. " you want both events? "The owner of lesbian asked me directly. N Myra looked kind of hoping for a grace period. No such luck," Yes "Affirms my accompanying adult. n 'talk that can not be "the. piercing technician, asked sarcastically n " I can say, "I said, clearing neck, if not my head. " Why do you think n in the jewelry ? " " I have a selection of everything... depends on how much to spend," said n said, taking a velvet tray under the desk crystal to the present. " Those in the top row of the fifty U. S. dollars. UU.... According to the hole n is closed, of course, the next row are sixty -. " Then stopped and said: " of course you are a minor note of the need for parents " " I like this. " I pointed to a series of rings in the fourth row, \\ \\ n ignoring her last comment. " I think this is a good option, but I have Preteen Nymphet to see your nipples are safe..... and that's 75 in the form of permission - ' moved Myra a wad of bills from his wallet and peeled before three Benjamin. "Does this cover? " The shop owner saw the cash and only hesitated a second before coming to out of the accounts. " Yes.. yes," the woman was smiling for the first time, and put hundreds in a safe hidden under the counter. " This covers all that just fine. " " Go back to the room, " he said as he entered through a curtain which is a private space from the perspective of the road. heavy lace he seemed to need a permit have been forgotten. ` bar ' as she called it reminded me of a medical examination room. even smelled. n stainless steel was everywhere a padded table and cover with paper. Looking around, I was as hot as hell, but I was too afraid. the butterflies are mixed with the noise in my n Coochie to create a very unique and wonderful combination. Both the greatest the women looked at me. " Take your high and would not let me see what I have to work with the" order, butch There was way out now, and I crossed my arms, lifted my shirt over my head s, and was half naked for the viewing pleasure of other women. I chocolate brown tits were sufficiently large to belong to a mid-twenties hung rested in my 16 years of age, the ribs. was not too cold in the drilling studior, and my nipples seemed to be hides in fear. The bulge in the center of my dark areola was so is small, as had ever received. As volume increases non-stop topless rumors This came from between my legs and appreciative glances of the old the woman made ​​my chest tingling in harmony. " I'll have to play... right? " The woman who was in a bag needle ask permission. not say anything. I was not able to work my voice. his hands came very slowly - I guess, gives me the opportunity to protest. As she raised her hand under my left breast and lifted it, I really sick again. He scratched his finger gently on my nipple and key n caught in the middle button. I groaned as her tugged a peg emerging and then roll took it on the tip of the thumb. put my head, closed my eyes and tried not to moan when the dam jokes my ​​nipple to its full extent of half an inch. He raised his hand under my other breast and doubleed the nipple jokes. Now both are black pins stuck Please tingling and itching, are extracted. was obvious I needed my nipples hard, but now that n and put it to squeeze and tease. It was obvious that they are playing to. " How old are you," he said hoarsely. quacking " Sixteen," I managed. "My God, you have big nipples nice for a girl I was your age," swallow praise and saw a couple of times. My pussy seeping through. Some species, n the thumb and index finger nail tortured my black jelly beans made ​​my love canal and bladder presses. There was a note of sadness or disappointment in his voice when he said in the last ". Well, now put on the table " Am I led to the high platform and reassured myself, as I rose in my back of my large breasts hung on the outside of the chest. The specialist in drilling sat on a stool, was Preteen Nymphet in his papers and I remembered back to the doctor. She broke into the latex testGloves and the medical procedure of the nature of the matter is over. " This is going to freeze a little," she said while applying a kind of cloth n to my right nipple semi -rigid. deleted all my big curly before tightening the projection of the areola excavated , twisting and pulling. "This is an antiseptic with a small date narcotics in it," he said. if he was satisfied with her cleaning job, producing a bright metal instrument that looked like a small pair of tweezers. He took my nip Legal and pulled the handle of the tool scissor action strong enough to cause n to the pain. I screamed as my body still maintaining very erogenous firmly between the jaws of steel unbreakable. "I want a nice deep breath for me... in a very deep of your nose as you feel your belly rise and then slowly through your mouth very ", ordered. I tried to follow orders as accurately as possible. I've never seen the tool carefully kept penetratingIn view. The pain became a sensation, as if someone had a burning use game to my tender nip. The breath that I was slow to orders, became a pathetic whimper long. becoming the head of the woman that only a small hole in me hit me Myra was standing with his back to a metal box. She was not as as it was based. His left hand was working on the bodice actively move her right breast and her right hand under her skirt very, very quickly. scan all the way to Preteen Nymphet his face, saw that it was in this distorted pre -orgasmic expression that something like the pain. I was short fascinated watching the secretary masturbating shamelessly right there in the piercing studio. " Well honey... another deep breath for me, " I kind of heard a woman s command chair I had not even felt her swab my left nipple, but now had become the care they knew little of the clamp firmly squeezing painfully. I right nip was sore and throbbing a bit, but fortunately not so bad. The repetition of the same followed by intense burning pain muted somehow, as I shudder and tremble Myra, tighten your legs was closed Jilling his right hand. Viewing cars selling climax at this critical time the pain actually seems erotic. My pussy spasm, my nipples burned and my head was spinning at the same time. " There are already... all the sugar is made ​​," women with piercings in many comforted his face as he closed the second nipple ring. I wondered if he had seen Myra Jilling, while she worked, but it was absurd to believe that she was not in the small room. I stood there trying to think about not thinking, like the nipples and Myra were observed sucking their own pussy juice from his fingers, when I had the extreme cold on my tits. I up and saw the shop owner was drilling on top of me the application of ice packs on my breasts. "This will help the swelling windown ", told me how extreme cold began to hurt my tits. " I know it's unpleasant, but just try relax and think about something else for a few minutes. " I felt hands on my thighs tender caresses and drives. Looking down, apart n open between my breasts covered with ice packs I Myra saw the smiling face. She was raising knees. "I can get out of something that your mind is thinking," she purred. and pushes down on the legs and leaned forward until I was back thighs their shoulders. my denim skirt wrapped around my waist and the arms selling cars in all, coming into the hands of small triangle of my panties up. I felt his fingers the thin raise n my childhood on the side. its hot breath felt really on my to cool lips wet. was right ! When his tongue invaded my wrinkles, I'd forgotten Preteen Nymphet sore on my sting breasts. Even at the tender age of sixteen had to know enough experienceMyra was no novice when it comes to oral sex. The and search all the corners of my vulva and explore the depths of me the work of a virtuoso. As they neared the top of my lips, I got Clitty a couple of small strokes and hovering low n. Skip to less than my desire to stop gargling my ass in circles n and tested before returning to its exciting exploration of my lips. My eyes were closed, enjoying the erotic sensations, so that the first indication that there was n , was the smell. The smell of female arousal was too strong to be n from me. I opened my eyes and all I could see, a wide red wound was descending on my face. Just had a moment to think about it before against my mouth, chin and nose of maceration. Instinctively stuck my tongue in the stabbing of neglect Piercing Technicians pussy. The dam has been on both sides of the table and mount in the face while trying to grind flour with her pussy. Back and forth, around and around, the hips moved with incredible coordination. I even managed Preteen Nymphet to release the pressure by different lift my tongue barely touches and then the solution down mashing their soft femininity in my entire bottom surface. I had been in a constant state of excitement over an hour. Since salesman at the dealer of Honda pulled me mentally. With the variety new sensations flooding me and my orgasm came fast and hard. Even while I was bucking and destroy the coffee table Drilling I, is released s owner. The technician disassembled and Myra drilling seemed to leave me, as it s well. I was just there to bathe in the glow, for how long, I do not know. The salesgirl Honda has attracted me, because I have a bit of the n it. The technician gave me a leaflet perforation, because we have the right to left - The careful ' s for new drilling "- and told me that if I had any problems or concerns in all I need to stop and had to, I'm glad to help me. t the time we arrived at the car dealership thathad recovered enough to be very excited about my new ride. Myra was waiting at the new car and gave me his business card with your address and phone number written in pencil on the back. kissed me on the forehead, just before entering and reminded me to come next week to see me. " Your piercings are ready for a test drive so far," No, they speculated with a big smile when you close the car door. on the road I decided to ice my nipples again before bedtime - it throbbing, pulsating - but now it was time to enjoy my motor and hard-won freedom.
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